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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre: Short Summary

This is a short summary of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, not chapter-wise.

Jane, the protagonist, is a little girl who has lost her both parents one after another and begins to live at her uncle’s house after the loss of her family upon her mother’s last will. Yet, her uncle has also passed away in a short time after her settling in her uncle’s house. Her uncle has a wife and three children; two girls and a boy. All of them hate Jane and treat her unfairly. After her uncle’s death Jane Eyre becomes in need of the mercy of her aunt and her cousins. The only person who loves Jane and watches her over even for a bit is the maid, Bessie. Yet, Bessie’s love is pale in comparison with the hatred of her aunt and her cousins.

When Jane turns ten, her aunt decides to send her to a boarding school. The school that Jane is to attend is Lowood School where serves the children of poor families and is a foundation school. Yet, despite everything Jane is content that she will get rid of this house where she is mistreated.

Jane spends eight fine years in Lowood School in spite of the difficulties she encounters with. She teaches in the school in the last two years. After these eight years, she decides that she must leave the school and she puts an advert in the newspaper for the families who search for governesses. Her advert is replied by a lady named Mrs. Fairfax who lives in a place called Thornfield. She is supposed to govern a nine-year-old girl. She immediately accepts this offer and she takes the road to Thornfield.

As she arrives to Thornfield Hall, she meets Mrs. Fairfax, who is an elderly and amiable woman. Mrs. Fairfax is the housekeeper of Thornfield Hall. The owner of the house is a gentleman named Mr. Rochester, but, Jane cannot have the chance to meet Mr. Rochester for he travels a lot. The little girl whom she will govern is a petite, lovely girl named Adele. Although her English is poor due to the fact that she was born in France, Jane has been taught in French in Lowood; and she does not have any difficulty to communicate with Adele. They get on well with Adele and Jane teaches her a lot of things in a short period. She loves Mrs. Fairfax as well. Yet, Mr. Rochester; the owner of the house, has not stopped by the house for all this time that she spends in Thornfield. Afterwards, she has an opportunity to meet Mr. Rochester by coincidence; yet, she is unaware of how this coincidence would change the flow of her life.

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