Every Man in His Humour: Summary
Volpone (The Fox): Summary
Happy Days: Summary
Gulliver's Travels: Summary
Mansfield Park: Summary
Emma: Summary

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Theme of love in Twelfth Night

The key theme in the Twelfth Night play is love. It shows that there are various types of love, such as self-love, deep brotherly love and profitable love. The author has used different characters to show these types of love. This paper looks at the ways in which the characters have been used to exemplify..

Analysis of William Carlos Williams’s Stories

William Carlos Williams (September 17, 1883 – March 4, 1963) is one of the major figures of literary modernism whose peers included Ezra Pound and Wallace Stevens. Highly influenced by the visual arts and the imagist movement, Williams’s work was marked by a rejection of metaphysics, characterized by his famous dictum: “No ideas/ But in..

Robert Frost’s A Way Out: Analysis

A Way Out was the only play Frost published during his lifetime. It appeared in The Seven Arts in February 1917 and was reprinted by Harbor Press in 1929. In Preface to A Way Out (1929) Frost wrote that “Everything written is as good as it is dramatic. It need not declare itself in form,..