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Character Analysis of Achilles in The Iliad

Achilles is the hero of The Iliad. It is he who provides the unit of the work of art. In fact, the first line of the epic sums up the entire action. Sing, heavenly Muse, the wrath of Peleus’ son, Achilles was angry and he withdrew himself from the battle. The Greeks with all their..

Homer’s The Iliad as an Epic

An Epic is usually a product of the heroic age. In The Iliad of Homer, the blind poet of Chios, which embodies, transmutes and enlarges the poetical material of the Achaean minstrels, the fact of history are obscured in a haze of legend. The actors take on heroic form the gods participate in the struggle..

Theme of love in Twelfth Night

The key theme in the Twelfth Night play is love. It shows that there are various types of love, such as self-love, deep brotherly love and profitable love. The author has used different characters to show these types of love. This paper looks at the ways in which the characters have been used to exemplify..