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Recent notes

“My Last Duchess” as a dramatic monologue

My Last Duchess is a famous dramatic monologue by Robert Browning. Traditionally a dramatic monologue comprises of lyrical strain, abrupt beginning, single speaker, silent listener, psychological analysis and clues to suggest what the silent listener says or does. The poem My Last Duchess has all these elements.

Major theme of Dover Beach

Dover Beach is one of the representative poems of Matthew Arnold. The poem portrays the beautiful picture of the Dover Beach. On deeper level, it becomes an elegy for the loss of religious belief in a materialistic world. Arnold’s period saw the advancement of science which resulted in religious skepticism. The poet seems to say..

Major themes in the poetry of Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas started writing poems when he was a mere schoolboy and continued his writing till the very end of his life, A number of his poems are on his own birthday. Others deal with his artistic methods, and quite a few are elegies, the best being the one written to express the poet’s grief..