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About Us

Hello and welcome to English Literature.net (aka English Literature Network or ELN for short). We are a group of Literature lovers, more specifically, ex-students, students and teachers from Bangladesh who like to read, write and share.

Our story begins sometimes in the past. While studying for BA (Hons), tech-enthusiast Al Mamun decides to launch a blog to share and discuss Literature among the students of National University of Bangladesh. Soon a few other students joined him and formed a forum of students from English Literature. When they left the campus after post-grad, Literature could not leave them. And ultimately all their activities evolved into this website.

So, what do we offer?

At ELN, we offer literary essays/articles to students and scholars of English literature, for a membership fee.

Help us out with our hosting costs by chucking us your spare pennies. You get no reward other than enjoying how horrible we feel every time we have to refer to ourselves as "content creators" on this website