English Literature » Notes » Describe Coleridge views on fancy and imagination
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Describe Coleridge views on fancy and imagination

The autobiographical work Biographia Literaria by S T Coleridge was published in 1817. It was one of the Coleridge’s main critical studies. In this work, he discussed the elements of writing. Here Coleridge tries to discover the differences between fancy and imagination Coleridge theory about Fancy and Imagination. Before the discovery of Coleridge’s theory about fancy and imagination, people used these two terms as the same thing but it is Coleridge who have differentiated these two terms and named them two state of thinking.


Imagination denotes the working of poetic minds upon internal objects or the invisible objects. Imaginative process sometimes adds additional properties to an object or sometimes abstracts from some of its properties. Therefore, imagination transforms the object into something new. It modifies and creates new objects.

Imagination is a creative power. It can give shape and forms of beauty by fusing and unifying the different impression it receives from the external world.

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