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Sarojini Naidu


Sarojini Naidu (February 13, 1879 – March 2, 1949) was born in Hyderabad, India as the eldest daughter of scientist, philosopher, and educator Aghornath Chattopadhyaya, and Varada Sundari Devi, a Bengali poetess. Her father was the founder of the Nizam College, Hyderabad and also the first member of the Indian National Congress in Hyderabad with his friend Mulla Abdul Qayyum. Chattopadhyaya’s family heritage was of the Brahman class, originally from Bengal. He was later dismissed from his position as Principal and even banished in retaliation for his political activities. Sarojini Naidu learned to speak Urdu, Telugu, English, Persian and Bengali. Her favorite poet was P.B. Shelley.

She attained national fame for entering Madras University at the age of twelve. At sixteen, she traveled to England to study first at King’s College London and subsequently at Girton College, Cambridge. While in England, she identified with the Suffragette movement. Also in England, she was encouraged by the poets Arthur Simon and Edmond Gausse to explore Indian themes in her writing, such as India’s landscape, her temples and her people. Her first book of poetry, The Golden Threshold, appeared in 1905. Other volumes followed. Her poems featured everyday scenes of Indian life, often drawn from the streets and markets, thus snake charmers and beggars and bangle sellers populate her poetry. It was in 1905 that she joined the Indian National Congress in protest over the Partition of Bengal. She was a strong supporter of women’s rights, a champion of education for all and of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Poems by Sarojini Naidu

  1. A Love Song From The North
  2. A Rajput Love Song
  3. Alabaster
  4. An Indian Love Song
  5. Autumn Song
  6. Corn Grinders
  7. Coromandel Fishers
  8. Cradle Song
  9. Damayante To Nala In The Hour Of Exile
  10. Ecstasy
  11. Harvest Hymn
  12. Humayun To Zobeida (From The Urdu)
  13. In Praise Of Henna
  14. In Salutation To The Eternal Peace
  15. In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad
  16. In The Forest
  17. Indian Dancer
  18. Indian Love Song
  19. Indian Weavers
  20. Leili
  21. Life
  22. My Dead Dream
  23. Nightfall In The City Of Hyderabad
  24. Ode To H.H. The Nizam Of Hyderabad
  25. Palanquin Bearers
  26. Past And Future
  27. Song Of A Dream
  28. Street Cries
  29. Suttee
  30. The Bangle Sellers
  31. The Gift of India
  32. The Illusion Of Love
  33. The Indian Gipsy
  34. The Pardah Nashin
  35. The Poet To Death
  36. The Poet’s Love-Song
  37. The Queen’s Rival
  38. The Royal Tombs Of Golconda
  39. The Royal Tombs Of Golconda
  40. The Snake Charmer
  41. The Song Of Princess Zeb-Un-Nissa In Praise Of Her Own Beauty
  42. The Soul’s Prayer
  43. To A Buddha Seated On A Lotus
  44. To My Children
  45. To My Fairy Fancies
  46. To The God Of Pain
  47. To Youth
  48. Transcience
  49. Village Song
  50. Wandering Singers