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Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter: Summary

The society in Scarlet Letter was based on 3 strict religious code The Puritan Creed), however was sadly surrounded by a weak judiciary system. This masterpiece of Hawthorne showed how one sin affected the lives of three people. When Hester and Timescale committed their sinful act of love, Pearl was born; she symbolized a sin, a secret and a connection. She played three major roles in The Scarlet Letter: Hester second physical reminder, the duel role of Hester savior/tormentor, and a constant reminder to Timescale and Hester of their sin.

She functions more than just a child-character – she is an indispensable aid to the reader (giving a child’s eye view to the situation; arguably the best view) and an extended metaphor of the scarlet letter, First, Hester Prying the adulteress in The Scarlet Letter is forced by the Puritan community to wear a scarlet letter A on the breast of her gown, The letter “A” being her first physical reminder of her sin, while the birth of Pearl leading to her second reminder, Now, not only did Hester Prying have to walk through the streets with the burden of her letter but in addition with the result of their sin, Pearl.

Hester realizes that “Pearl is the scarlet letter, only capable of being loved… ” (Hawthorne 77). Hawthorne establishes a direct link between the scarlet letter and Pearl by saying, “It Vass the scarlet letter in another form; the scarlet letter endowed with life! ” (Hawthorne 70). Pearl is Hester second prominent physical reminder Of her adultery, and like the scarlet letter, she “burned on Hester bosom” as well. The scarlet letter had already been proven a heehaw’ burden (when Hester wanted to remove it near the conclusion Of the book). He result of the birth of Pearl. If only Pearl had not been born, the Puritan community would not have discovered their act of sin, and therefore the scarlet utter would not have appeared. Now, everyday the people in her colony would see the letter on her breast, while she sees the “living version. ” Second, Pearl is Hester Prune’s only reason for living, but she is also her tormentor. She is similar to Roger Chlorinating in that she has a duel role of savior/tormentor.

On one hand, Pearl was a companion; strolling, chatting and amusing Hester, While on the other hand she tormented her with many intelligent questions about Roger Chlorinating being the evil black man in the forest, Arthur Damselfly’s action to gripping his heart and the dreaded letter “A. Moreover, when pearl was but an infant, one of the first things she noticed was her mother’s scarlet letter. Whenever Pearl took interest in the letter, Hester became distraught and pained. Upon seeing her mother in this state.

Pearl would smile and laugh all the more (Hawthorne 57). Pearl would play games with the letter, flinging flowers at it and sticking burrs onto it When Hester and Pearl visited Roger Chlorinating as he gathered herbs by the sea, Pearl took some eel-grass and formed a scarlet letter on her own dress (Hawthorne 122). Pearl’s innocent aspirations to be “just like Mother” ever just another way Pearl inadvertently tortured her _ Mother Prying says it best, in her rebuttal to Governor Bellingham in chapter eight “Pearl is my happiness! She is my torture… Pearl keeps me here in life! Pearl punishes me too! ” (Hawthorne 77). Without Pearl’s presence, Hester likely would have gone mad. Third, Pearl becomes Damselfly’s and constant reminder of his sin with Hester. Pearl symbolizes a sin. “It seemed to be her first impulse to clasp the infant closely to her bosom… As that she might conceal a certain token… Sisley judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another” (Hawthorne 50).

This quote by the narrator show that people would know of Hester sin by seeing Pearl. She tries to cower up what she has done, but she realizes that Pearl is the result of the sin, Every time Reverend Timescale sees Pearl, he clutches his heart. However, Pearl being a constant reminder helped Timescale rectify his transgression, Due to the guilt in his heart, along with Clownishness’s evil influence, and the constant appearances of the product of his sin, pearl. He died confessing his sins; finally earning the love and trust of Pearl.

In conclusion, Pearl played an impressive role in the novel. The themes of sin, guilt and redemption are woven throughout the book by the very existence of her. Pearl’s impressive role is shown throughout the book: She saved her mother from madness and/or death, constantly reminded her parents of their sin and provided the reader a child’s-eye view of the situations (arguably the best view). She accomplishes these tasks with the knowledge and skill Of a much older girl and helped turn The Scarlet Letter into a masterpiece.

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