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S. T. Coleridge: Criticism on Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetic Diction

Wordsworth and Coleridge came together early in life and mutually arose various theories which Wordsworth embodied in his “Preface to the Lyrical Ballads” and tried to put into practice in his poems. Coleridge claimed credit for these theories and said they were “half the child of his brain”. But later on, his views underwent the..

Theatre of Absurd

The term “Absurd” in its modern sense was first used by Esslin and since then it was attached to a certain outlook on life and viewpoint in literature. Absurd drama has deep roots; it can be related to the mimes of ancient times as well as to the popular comedies of Italy. It connects with..

T. S. Eliot’s Poetry

Eliot attributed a great deal of his early style to the French Symbolists–Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Mallarme, and Laforgue–whom he first encountered in college, in a book by Arthur Symons called The Symbolist Movement in Literature. 5 (1 ratings) You must sign in to vote

Is Swift a misanthrope?

Swift is not a misanthrope rather he is a philanthrope. It is the misconception of those who think Swift as a misanthrope. Swift only wants to reform mankind out of their follies and stupidities. He says that the chief end of all his labour is: 5 (1 ratings) You must sign in to vote

Waiting For Godot: A tragi-comedy

Tragic-comedy is a play which claims a plot apt for tragedy but which ends happily like a comedy. The action is serious in theme and subject matter and tone also sometimes but it seems to be a tragic catastrophe until an unexpected turn in events brings out the happy ending. 5 (1 ratings) You must..

Rape of the Lock – Significance of Cave of Spleen

Spleen was the Augustan name what Elizabethan described as melancholy. It is less of a disease than a fashionable affectation. Fashionable ladies, poets, and playwrights pretend to suffer from it so as to give an impression that he victims are serious thinkers of creative writers. Pope exalts Spleen to the level of Goddess and cave..

The Rape of the Lock – A Mock Epic

Alexander Pope‘s The Rape of the Lock as mock epic. An epic, according to Aristotle, is the tragedy of a conspicuous person, who is involved in adventurous events and meets a tragic fall on account of some error of judgment i.e. hamartia which throws him from prosperity into adversity, however, his death is not essential…

Pride and Prejudice: Love and Marriage Theme

Though, marriage is the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, yet it evolves more than the conclusion of a simple love story. There is a depth, variety and seriousness in Jane’s treatment of these topics. 5 (1 ratings) You must sign in to vote

Rape of the Lock – Social Satire

As Shakespeare is the poet of man, Pope is a poet of society. “The Rape of the Lock” is a social document because it mirrors contemporary society and contains a social satire, too. Pope paints about England in 18th century. The whole panorama of “The Rape of the Lock” revolves around the false standard of..

The Rape of the Lock – Supernatural Machinery

Alexander Pope explains that “machinery” is a term invented by the critics to signify the part which deities, angles, or demons play in a poem. He goes on to say that the machinery in this poem is based on the Rosicrucian doctrine of spirits in which the four elements are inhabited by sylphs, nymphs, gnomes..

Milton’s Treatment of Woman in “Paradise Lost”

Adam and Eve are the very first human couple and the parents of the whole human race and the masterpiece of God’s art of creation, primarily lived in Eden which is an indescribable beautiful garden in Heaven. 5 (1 ratings) You must sign in to vote

Symbolism in The Wild Duck

‘Symbolism means a veiled or oblique mode of communication.’ A play may have deeper meaning which is understood only by interpreting the deeper significance of the words and phrases used. 5 (1 ratings) You must sign in to vote