To Marcus by

YOU have been far, and I
Been farther yet,
Since last, in foul or fair
An impecunious pair,
Below this northern sky
Of ours, we met.

Now winter night shall see
Again us two,
While howls the tempest higher,
Sit warmly by the fire
And dream and plan, as we
Were wont to do.

And, hand in hand, at large
Our thoughts shall walk
While storm and gusty rain,
Again and yet again,
Shall drive their noisy charge
Across the talk.

The pleasant future still
Shall smile to me,
And hope with wooing hands
Wave on to fairy lands
All over dale and hill
And earth and sea.

And you who doubt the sky
And fear the sun –
You – Christian with the pack –
You shall not wander back
For I am Hopeful – I
Will cheer you on.

Come – where the great have trod,
The great shall lead –
Come, elbow through the press,
Pluck Fortune by the dress –
By God, we must – by God,
We shall succeed.

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